The Live Venue

Built in 1995 and formally known as ‘’The Lodge’’, this space was once one of the most renowned nightclubs in the Country. In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, renovations took place here as the first big lockdown project and the space was reintroduced as a Live Music Venue. Keeping subtle hints of its history to ensure all of the best parts remained untouched, CASK has grown and developed into a live venue where entertainment and ‘’good craic’’ is at the absolute epicentre. Here lies the main stage at CASK which is fully fitted and kitted out for performers as well as two private bars, a large 10ft pull down projector screen, an outdoor area plus a dancefloor for those extra fun nights. Hosting local bands and independent artists from all over the Country, CASK is really starting to put itself on the Irish Live Music Venue map. Whether you’re hosting a gig, attending one or simply looking to book a large space for any occasion, The Live Venue at CASK with a capacity of 300 people really is the ultimate choice for you.

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